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The latest version of Ambereh is version 1.5, from July 19, 2008

Download Ambereh 1.5
Download from the official site

Current version history

Ambereh 1.5

  • Multilingual support, with user-editable language file. Current version includes English and Portuguese (more translations are welcome)
  • Updated icons
  • Better performance for loading files
  • Support for compressed replay files
  • Bugfixes

Ambereh 1.0 brings many interesting new features, great improvements and reliability, and some bugfixes.

  • JPG Support (to open and save JPG files)
  • Two options for the pen tool: Hard Edge or antialiased
  • An antialised eraser
  • Mouse pointer now represents the tool and size you are using
  • Customizable hotkeys and other options
  • Improved color selector where you can choose color by their correct HEX or RGB value
  • Much more reliable network layer
  • Lots of bugs squashed!

You can give feedback with suggestions, comments and bug reports about this version at the project page at

More download options

If you wish to download Ambereh's source code or older versions of the program, you can find them at the download section for Ambereh at